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The BioMedical Balance Vision

Individualized Education and Mentoring for All Students

After 20 years of successful academic teaching and research,with grants funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and mentoring students ranging from high school science students through Ph.D. and M.D. candidates, the founder of BioMedical Balance, Dr. Thomas Selby, Ph.D., began writing a book titled "What My Best Students Taught Me About Scientific Learning"

This book, soon to be released, became the BioMedical Balance (BMB) Training Platform.

Science Class

Early Hands-On Discovery

One clear trend that emerged when interviewing students for this effort was the early hands-on discovery that each successful student was exposed to during their educational development.  Those students who had the opportunity to explore, not only with their minds, but also with their hands, developed a sense of relevance that helped them learn related topics due to the contextual principles of their hands-on experiences.

Also important was their ability to express their ideas about their activities in their own way and write about their perceptions. 

At BMB our services focus on early learning with relevant experiences that focus on each student developing skills in verbal and written expression of their perceptions and critical reasoning skills

Vision of Optimal Future Education

We are students throughout our entire lives, even when this learning does not involve a formal education system.  What we are open to becoming during our lives and driven to pursue is dependent on many factors, including early development and our inborn temperament. 

These factors show that not all students are going to learn the same way, will have preferential learning styles, and therefore may not view scientific principles in the same context.  This is known as Subjective Learning, which BMB reinforces to allow each student to express their ideas, concepts, and perceptions in their own way while still focusing on the fundamentals of the science. 

This helps remove much of the rigidity of science teaching and allows individual creativity to develop while making learning fun and much more enjoyable.

This is challenging in a large student setting, such as high school and university classes, and while students can prosper in those settings, many fall behind, get bored, and begin to find science too challenging to want to continue. 

This results in many creative young minds moving away from science, not because they lack the intellect to understand the subjects, but because they simply had different modes of learning, temperament, and skills in written and verbal expression that didn't conform to traditional styles. This leaves "out of the box" thinkers behind in today's education system, and BMB's vision is to help correct this.   

BMB fosters a one-on-one learning, coaching, mentoring philosophy with each student to understand how they learn best based on their personal subjective reasoning and learning skill set.  Once this is established our students develop additional skills through coaching and mentoring, which results in a well-rounded learner capable of being successful in any academic setting.

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