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Outreach Efforts

This page describes the Outreach Efforts of BioMedical Balance (BMB) with a brief summary of why these efforts have become  a priority and the reasoning for the impact on our next generation's education achievement.

Networking Group


The Educational Collaborative

Bringing together an optimal student-mentor match for as many students as possible is why BMB is seeking diversity within the expertise of those who might help educate BMB students

With the goal of achieving optimal educator diversity to meet student learning preferences and measurable student outcomes, we are recruiting educators, at all levels, who would like to assist our students.

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Creativity in Children Project

Why are some children more creative than others and how can this Creativity be fostered  during early development and across the learning process? 

BMB is working on methods to optimize the Creative Learning process in medical and science education for our youth using assessment method development, individualized and subjective learning and memory retention which is driven by personal experience and relevant context.

Instead of being told "what to think", our children are instead being taught to think creatively for themselves at their own level of development.  This allows them to align their experiences with their individual learning, and create a personalized, subjective, style of interpretation of facts and relevant scientific data to be used in later educational assessments.

This allows our students to reinforce their views about information, in their own words, with appropriate guidance.  This fosters a creative confidence in our youth and will allow them to think "outside the box" of conformist academic ideas and create new pathways toward problem solving.  This will also help develop the ability to enter into respectful debate and educational discourse, while learning to avoid conspiracy theorists that are becoming very common today on our social media platforms.  

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Optimization of Mentor-Student Matching

Why do some students learn better from certain mentors? Can we determine the optimal parameters for student-mentor matching, so more students can receive individualized quality mentoring during their educational journey?

At BMB we are working hard to refine the matching algorithm for quality mentoring, and determine how each student's individual style of learning represents their mentoring needs for optimal educational performance. 

The results of these efforts will help streamline the educational mentoring process and help more of our students get the support they need to become more successful, empowered, and accountable on their educational journey. 


World-Wide University

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about significant changes in how we educate our students on-line, and across the globe.  This brought forth new software, teaching tools, and assessment methods, which demonstrated the old-school university system had become both limited and antiquated in many areas. 

BioMedical Balance is building partnerships with a number of on-line educational groups to create the next generation of universities as a Global Educational Collaborative where student's academic pursuits can be better matched and facilitated by educators with expertise in the student's areas of interest and educational needs.

The University should be "Universal" and all students who have a desire to learn should no longer be limited or required to use antiquated methods for their learning.

Our next generation students represent our collective future, and supporting their efforts is one of the best investments we can make to ensure a widely distributed, and highly educated population.  

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