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About Education Research

Why does one child develop interests different from another?

Why do we learn more from those mentors who we find most comfortable engaging with, and what are the qualities of those mentors?


Where/when does the the Student's needs and the Teacher's offerings become optimal?

These questions are being addressed to help optimize the educational talent in our next generation thinkers and leaders

Please consider contributing to this effort by providing your insight and information and help us advance our student-mentoring success model

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Mentor Matching

Mentors are like a living ocean of experience.  When working with them, there will be times we want to stay in the shallow, easily understood, realms of the knowledge we are acquiring, and there are times when we are ready for deeper learning. 


Great mentors, after getting to know their students, know when the student is ready for the depths of a scientific topic being learned, and when it's important to review the basics.

Effective mentoring provides individualized guidance for an aspiring student when pursuing new depths of knowledge, seeking reassurance and guidance based on the student's desires, strengths, and objectives, while helping the student develop a responsible, and balanced, level of personal accountability

"We want to know what makes an ideal mentor for different students, so we can match this ideal to help students excel in their studies with appropriate types of learning support"

If you are a student interested in finding a mentor, or contributing to the research questions regarding what makes a quality mentor, please click the button below marked Match with Mentors

Student Matching

Feel up to becoming a Mentor to an aspiring science student?

Can you see yourself as a positive role model for our next generation scientists and medical professionals?


Consider becoming a BioMedical Balance mentor, or taking part in the research survey involving the questions of how to optimize student-mentoring interactions based on learning outcomes.

If you are an educator, or potential tutor, mentor, or coach, who is interested in finding student's, while also contributing to the research questions regarding what makes a quality student-mentor relationship, please click the button below marked Match with Students

College Students
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