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The BMB STEM Learning Assessment

The BioMedical Balance science, technology, engineering, and math learning assessment (BMB STEM Learning Assessment) is used to determine an up and coming student's learning style strengths and problem solving skills, along with areas to focus on strengthening due to the rigors of achieving acceptance at the strongest possible academic institution toward the student's desired medical or scientific career path.  

The Assessment is completed in three-parts over multiple days, as follows:

Meeting #1 includes family intake (i.e. support, siblings early developmental environment), some preliminary goal setting and advising, intake regarding extracurricular activities, volunteer hours, and research interests, followed by assignments to be completed by the student and submitted 3 days prior to Meeting #2 (below).

Part-2 (No Meeting) Student work is collected and analyzed and a final report is prepared.  This final report could be considered a written Educational Prospectus with details regarding future development of critical thinking and reasoning skills toward the educational and career path of interest. 

Part-3 (Meeting #2) Final Report and Follow Up Discussion.  Results will be discussed with the student-family, and avenues for top admissions into desired programs will be offered based on research items from those institutions (Scientific Strength), graduation success rates in the program(s) of interest (Academic Strength), and financial earnings post-graduation in the career field(s) of interest (Earning Strength).  Learning areas to be strengthened will be provided in the written report with some practice tools to maintain awareness during difference phases of the learning expansion process while broadening the student's learning skill set

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