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At BioMedical Balance (BMB) our Mission is to facilitate tutoring, mentoring, and coaching for our students in personalized one-on-one sessions to help develop advanced learning skills aligned with current subject studies (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) towards becoming personally empowered, self-driven, and balanced thinkers and learners. 

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Our Services

At BioMedical Balance (BMB) our Professional Services provide students with courses, learning assessments, and subject specific tutoring, along with academic mentoring and coaching, toward defined goals, future career accomplishments, and preparation for courses such as chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics, and mathematics (STEM) majors.

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Your Effort, Your Future, Your Payoff

BioMedical Balance (BMB) provides tutoring, mentoring, and coaching from educators with a wide variety of experiences in academic training, including high school through graduate (M.S., Ph.D., and M.D.) research and medical student advising and teaching.

This provides each student individualized attention from their personal tutor/mentor/coach much like a personal trainer would work with you in the gym to get physically stronger.

At BMB we develop strong minds, critical thinking and writing skills, along with advanced course content, to provide a balanced--efficient--learner .

Your payoff is top grades, top research and extracurricular projects, with mentoring towards academic awards and admissions at our nation's strongest institutions which results in optimal career opportunities with high earning salaries, balanced with personal wellness and life satisfaction that provides a greater command of your future options throughout life.

At BMB we guide our students along the path to their dreams and ultimate career options, as co-creators in that success.  

We guide you toward the Mastery of Self-Driven Learning, which will benefit you for a lifetime of success


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