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Dr. Selby taught chemistry from a number of perspectives to reinforce learning connections.

He was extremely helpful advising and mentoring, while also a great multidimensional teacher.

Highly recommended for all chemistry students who are planning on attending a top-tier medical school.

Pre-Medicine (M.D.) Chemistry Student

Dr. S. brought his medical school advising and teaching knowledge, along with the fundamentals of biochemistry together for our course, which was exciting and taught me to view scientific principles from multiple perspectives when problem solving. This became especially useful when problem solving due to biochemistry being foundational to much of applied medicine and medical research. 

Great Prof, a lot of fun, great sense of humor, and super knowledgeable!

Pre-Medicine (M.D./Ph.D.) Biochemistry Student

Dr. S. is a very personable guy, fun to talk to, and was always smiling. His use of hands-on learning was reinforced with examples that incorporated our own ideas and concepts, which included sketches, graphs, and brief passage summaries that he thoroughly reviewed from our laboratory notebooks.

He taught in a very approachable manner, reinforced ideas from different perspectives, and allowed us to evaluate our own creativity.

Great mentor and teacher for hands-on learning

Pre-Research (Ph.D.)
Chemistry Lab Student

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